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Pre-Construction Services Outline

At Build In Style Qld we aim to provide our clients the best possible professional service in the preliminary pre-construction stage, to ensure that when the construction begins and the building contract is signed, the running of their project is as smooth as possible and the outcome represents the best value for their investment. 

We focus a large amount of our time and efforts into the planning of projects, to ensure there are no hidden costs or surprises throughout the project. 


We do this by:

  • Collaborating with other industry professionals (we can advise you of the best designers/engineers/architects)

  • Productive client meetings with set agendas and minutes.

  • Site Visits and investigative works to identify potential issues not shown on plans.

  • Constructive feedback derived from over 25 years of construction experience.

  • Utilise our network of trades for up to date information that may impact the build.

  • Source up to date costings on products  and can offer alternate products and solutions that can save thousands of dollars.

  • Evacuate actual site conditions and logistics which are not detailed on plans.

Why engage us in the Pre-Construction (PC) Process?

  • Our builder is a professional, and gives professional advice, just as you would engage an accountant, solicitor, mechanic or other professional.

  • Our builder is a consultant with extensive industry knowledge and experience. He is able to guide you through your planning process and provide accurate feedback.

  • We can advise on the most suitable consultants to use on your project. 

  • Our builder understands real cost and logistics that are associated with achieving the final product. 

  • Having our builder engaged in the PC Process will enable you to form a trusting relationship prior to a building contract being signed. 

  • Our PC Process can identify issues in the design phase of the project prior to them turning into costly variations. 

  • Our PC Process involves several site visits, meetings, investigative work and collaboration with other professionals to eliminate inefficiencies in the build and gives live pricing feed back as the design evolves. 

  • We only work with clients that embrace our PC Process as it allows us to put more resources into the planning of the project and ensures the build runs smoothly.

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